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  • E16.Five Undergraduate Majors Added to FPNU. FPNU Prepares for the Southeast Foreign Communication and English Writing Center
  • E15.Professor Chen Lizhong and His Works on the 2022 Spring Festival Gala of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circle
  • E14.Secretary of FPNU Party Committee Lai Hairong Visits Sui Jun, Vice President of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas
  • E13.FPNU signed an Industry-University-Research (IUR) Cooperation Framework Agreement with Huafu Securities Co. Ltd.
  • E12.The Chief Representative of Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Cooperation Fuzhou Office Visited FPNU
  • E11.2022 New Year's Message from President of Fujian Polytechnic Normal University
  • E10.Fujian Vocational Education Teacher Development League Initiated by FPNU was Established
  • E09.Professor Chen Lizhong was Elected the Member of the 10th Council of CFLAA
  • E08.Special English Broadcasting for New Year's Day of The Campus News--Interview with Lai Hairong, Party Secretary of FPNU
  • E07.FPNU Invites Dr. Yu Wenjuan as Visiting Researcher
  • E06.President Liao was Invited to attend the Reappointment Inauguration Ceremony of the President of Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia
  • E05.Is FPNU the First University in China to Use Public Signs in Indonesian?
  • E04.FPNU Signed a MOC with Perkumpulan Fujian Indonesia and Guoji Ribao Indonesia Press Group
  • E03.FPNU Held Commendation Conference to Celebrate the 37th Teachers'Day
  • E02.President Liao Attending The ASEAN-Fujian Universities and Think Tanks Cooperation Forum and Signing the Inter-university Cooperation Framework Agreements
  • E01.The Party Secretary of FPNU Lai Hairong Visited Wu Xiande, Mayor of Fuzhou Municipal People's Government